Southern Africa’s Premier Power & Renewable Energy Event

“Alleviating Power Challenges in Southern Africa through Innovative Investments, Technologies & Solutions”

29th – 31st October 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

We move away from traditional trade shows & exhibitions. Benefit from a closed door event with some of the Power industry’s key decision makers at the beautiful Hilton Double Tree, Cape Town.


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Why SSA Power?

In October 2019, Cape Town, South Africa will play host to Southern Africa’s No.1 Business to Business Power and Energy event, which will bring together the senior decision makers from the IPP, PPP and National Power communities across the region. The entire installed generation capacity of Africa’s 48 Sub-Saharan countries is just 68 gigawatts, no more than Spain’s. Up to one-quarter of that capacity is unavailable because of aging plants and poor maintenance. In Sub-Saharan Africa, just one person in five has access to electricity. If current trends continue, fewer than 40 percent of Sub-Saharan African countries will reach universal access to electricity by 2050. Per capita consumption of electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) averages only 124 kilowatt-hours a year and is falling. The rate of consumption is barely 1 percent of that in high-income countries. If entirely allocated to household lighting, it would hardly be enough to power one light bulb per person for three hours a day.

Time for change:

Since 2015, more money has been invested globally in renewable energy than in all other power generation sources combined. In 2017, some 58% of all energy investments went into renewables, while less than 10% has been invested in nuclear. According to Bloomberg’s ‘New Energy Outlook 2017’ report, $10.2-trillion is expected to be invested in new power generation capacity worldwide to 2040. Of this, it is anticipated that 72% will go to renewable energy. In the context of where we are now, with monopolised electricity sectors that have weak financial capacity, we need to seize the opportunity to restructure a new system where national power companies are still a partner in the energy programme; but where underperforming and end-of-life legacy power assets are decommissioned and where Africa takes the lead for renewable & low carbon energy development. South Africa is leading the charge with its Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme with 27 PPA’s being signed last April adding 2.3GW of Power to the Grid and a new auction set for November. The new auction will see room for Gas IPP’s to add to the energy mix for the first time of any note.

Time for Action:

The SSA Power Summit hosted by Vale Media Group, the number 1 Africa Focused B2B events company, will provide a platform to address some key challenges of improving aging power infrastructure, developing new power infrastructure, renewable power innovations, gas to power technologies, transmission & distribution solutions, more cost effective temporary power solutions and much more. We will bring together Ministries of Power & Energy, State Power providers, Public – Private partnerships (PPP), Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) and key solution providers to tackle some of the most pressing issues within the African Power industry. In the Sub Continent region power companies will be looking toward the strategy for increased power capacity: Eskom, ZESCO, Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM), NamPower, TANESCO, Southern African Power Pool, Botswana Power Corporation, SNEL, RNT and many more. Along with looking at developing new power infrastructure, we will be looking at maximizing current assets and the following topics will be covered at our event:

Who Attends?

Ministries & Governments

Meet with ministers and government contacts. Build relationships and educate yourself on country specific challenges.

National Power Companies

Meet key decision makers from National Power Companies. We have representation from the 15 SADC countries.

Independent Power Producers

We have attendance from some of the world’s biggest players in the Power Sector, operating in Southern Africa but with a global focus.

Solution Providers

Meet with solution providers that have solutions and technologies to meet the ever changing challenges in the power sector in Sub Sahara Africa.

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Project based discussions with key decision makers.

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    Predetermined Meetings

Saving Travel Times and Costs

It is not often that you get this high level of gathering in the same place and at the same time. It was an extremely valuable exercise for us, we have a number of discussions that have come from our attendance that we will be looking to follow up on once we finish the event. I love the attention to detail that ensures our meetings are all a good fit and valuable for both parties involved.

Jan Oberholzer from Eskom

Augusto Farro

Sales Director Middle East & Africa

Capstone Turbines

Huge Amount of Value

For me there was a huge amount of value. It was an opportunity to meet and get to know and interact with the renewable players in the SSA market (Suppliers, Developers, Utilities). I found the one on one meeting with important attendees of very high value.

Jan Oberholzer from Eskom

Jan Oberholzer


Meeting the Key Players in the Industry

I was able to meet all of my clients and many new prospective clients all in one place. This didn't have the feel of any other conference I've previously attended. The high level meetings were great and I was able to meet my peers and discuss the industry in beautiful surroundings. The event was really beneficial and very valuable to us as an organization.

Jan Oberholzer from Eskom

Naji Jreijiri

MD North & Central Africa


Great Event with Top Level Executives

I loved just how high the level of decision makers that I was able to meet with. I attend many trade shows and exhibitions and the SSA Power Summit blows these out of the water in terms of value. We meet decision makers in luxurious surroundings, whilst reducing our travel times in a notoriously difficult area,

Steve Martin

KS Energy


Previous Attendees


Alexander Mould from the GNPC

Abel Tella

Director General


Jan Oberholzer from Eskom

Jan Oberholzer



Chikezie Nwosu from Addax Petroleum

David Mabumba

Zambia Ministry of Energy

Minister of Energy

Steve Buck from Exxon Mobil

Hennie Steyn


Managing Director


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