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BMI Research 

The world is interconnected and complex.  Understanding and simplifying it is difficult.  At BMI Research, that challenge is what inspires us.  Through ‘Total Analysis,’ our unique, reflexive approach linking macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, BMI Research helps clients gain unparalleled insight across 24 industries and 200 global markets. For more than 30 years, our forecasts, data and analyses have been used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions to guide critical strategic, tactical and investment decisions.  Clients include a majority of Global Fortune 500 companies.  With offices in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and South Africa, BMI Research is part of Fitch Group, which is majority owned by Hearst.

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IndustryARC is the Leading Provider of Market Research Reports, Custom Consulting Services, Data Analytics and Industry Analysis. Our goal is to provide the right information required by the stakeholder at the right point of time, in a format which assists an intelligent and informed decision making process!

IndustryARC primarily focuses on Cutting Edge Technologies and Newer Applications of the Market. Our Custom Research Services are designed to provide insights on the constant flux in the global demand-supply gap of markets. Our strong analyst team enables us to meet the client research needs at a very quick speed with a variety of options for your business.

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Digital Business Magazine: News, Interview, ICT, Green Energy, forex, Hotels.

  • Voted among the most influential blogs in Africa, thus giving it authority as a credible and reliable channel to reach to the African audience and market.
  • Media Partners of more then 300 Business Events each year.
  • Online Advertising (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Publication services: advertorials, sponsored editorials, press releases, articles, blog posts, interview, video.

Contact Information: @africabusiness4


The Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

SAAEA represents and ACTIVELY promotes Renewable Alternative Energy Solutions in our region. Its focus is the whole industry, rather than   sector.

Wind, Solar, Biomas, Biogas, Bio Fuels, Green Products, Energy SAVING, Alternative Energy, Energy from Waste, Fuel Cell Technologies etc.

The SAAEA advocate policy development on behalf of our members at decision making government level. We also promote understanding of the industry and its potential through tools such as industry events, forums, conferences, newsletters and publications, our objective is to provide borderless ACCESS to the information that can affect today’s clean energy industries as much as tomorrow’s world.

Our members SHARE the belief that lowering our carbon footprint is as important as the doing of business itself because we understand that every small endeavor toward a green, sustainable world makes a difference.

We organize top management events and forums creating a networking platform for companies across the world.

Our members include research institutes, developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers and members of the public dedicated to building a greener planet.

Our projects include making information available re global warming issues, sustainable solutions/technologies to counter harmful carbon emission.

Membership benefits will provide your organisation with immediate opportunities to tap into unique business, educational and networking benefits and forums for debate – driven by industry, for industry.

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Sentiers D’Afrique

Sentiers D’Afrique is a group that specialise in printed media.

AEA Logo

Alternative Energy Africa

Alternative Energy Africa is the continent’s first magazine dedicated to literally filling the energy information gap in Africa. Alternative Energy Africa provides its readers updates on private sector projects, government initiatives, business and investment news, and strategies for a thriving alternative/renewable energy market on the African continent, all of this in addition to global project news and groundbreaking technology coverage. And to complement the magazine, offers the latest updates between issues making the AEA online and print duo “the premiere source” of alternative and renewable energy news covering the African continent.

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Wattnow Magazine 

When it comes to the field of electrical engineering, no one understands the field better than the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers.

The new look wattnow magazine, launched in November 2011 has shifted the magazine up into top gear. It now receives the attention of South Africa’s boardrooms and engineering offices.

It has a vibrant new look as well as fresh, high value content, written by some of the country’s foremost role players and subject matter experts, as well as a mix of excellent writers from the global electrical engineering community.

If you want to attract/hold the attention of electrical engineer decision makers, and the major industry stakeholders, then wattnow is the way to go. It reaches over 17,000 readers amongst the electrical engineering fraternity, with 42% of the SAIEE members under 40 years of age.

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Eco-Business is Asia Pacific’s leading online portal for renewable energy, cleantech, smart cities and sustainable business.  Our platforms include the award-winning news website which attracts 80,000+ monthly visitors, a weekly newsletter that’s emailed to over 67,000 global subscribers, and a bi-monthly digital magazine.

Our business model is to maintain a large and engaged reader community by providing the best sustainable business news, features and expert opinion for the APAC region, and to deliver powerful branding, market positioning and lead generation for our global clients.

BF_Mag_final (00000002)

Business Focus Magazine 

Business Focus Magazine is a leading, bi-monthly business to business publication that keeps up with the latest developments in the business world by talking to those people that make them happen.

Business Focus Magazine is read by senior executives of the top national and international companies, and this is reflected in our publication’s look and feel – everything that you would expect of a high quality magazine that graces the desks and coffee tables of offices and boardrooms of the most successful global businesses.

World Construction Today Logo

World Construction Today

World Construction Today is a leading B2B arena designed for the Construction sector, representing the most advanced industry information allowing our members to reach both ends of the procurement chain.

World Construction Today features latest information in various forms like news, press releases, trends, reports, case studies, articles & interviews on various spectrums and happenings within the sector.

To our clients, the companies we provide various marketing services and promote their products & services in front of their targeted audience. Our objective is always to enhance the visibility of our clients through various online marketing & promotional activities.

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Capital Markets in Africa

Capital Marketsin Africa is the leading “one-stop” platform dedicated to Africa’s fastest-growing financial, capital markets and wealth management industry. Capital MarketsIn Africa aim to support local and International investors, senior decision makers, institutions, policy makers or individual investors interested in the Africa by providing a platform for timely news, bespoke and in-depth analysis and research, expert features and economic outlooks, as well as “key risks and opportunities” available on the African continent.

Over the last few years Africa has consistently been named as the next Frontier for Capital growth by Economists and Financial Analysts. Capital Marketsin Africa recognises the enterprising spirit and the investment opportunities that come with this phenomenon and as such aspires to showcase Africa as an attractive investment destination giving our readers the latest news, views and some guidance on how to gain access to and profit from the region. Also provide exclusive interviews and commentaries from movers and shakers (such the Chief Executive Officers, Chief Economist, Central Bank Governors etc,) on the African continent.

Want access to African financial and capital markets as well as the Africa ever-increasing Growth Story or want to simply keep an eye on what’s trending in Africa’s Capital Markets! Think  Capital Marketsin Africa. Visit us at


African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA)

African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA) represents and actively promotes Renewable Energy Solutions on our continent. Our focus is on the whole industry, rather than one sector. Wind, Solar, Biomas, Biogas, Bio Fuels, Green Products, Energy Saving, Alternative Energy, Energy from Waste, Fuel Cell Technologies etc.

Our mission for AFSEA is to provide great insight into the African Sustainable Energy market by bringing companies from around the world together so they may prosper and gain the knowledge needed to expedite the implementation of renewable energy as a significant source of energy.

AFSEA advocate policy development on behalf of our members at decision making government level. We also promote understanding of the industry and its potential through tools such as industry events, forums, conferences, newsletters and publications, our objective is to provide access to information that can affect today’s clean energy industries as much as tomorrow’s world.

Our members share the belief that lowering our carbon footprint is as important as the doing of business itself because we understand that every small endeavor toward a green, sustainable world makes a difference.

We organize top management events and forums creating a networking platform for companies across the world.

Our members include research institutes, developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers and members of the public dedicated to building a greener planet.

Our projects include making information available re global warming issues, sustainable solutions/technologies to counter harmful carbon emission.

Membership benefits will provide your organisation with immediate opportunities to tap into unique business, educational and networking benefits and forums for debate – driven by industry, for industry.


The Business Year (TBY)

The Business Year (TBY) is a leading research firm and publisher of annual economic resources on national economies. Present in over 25 countries, TBY provides first-hand access to the people and ideas shaping business and policy throughout the world. Each country-specific edition contains a comprehensive range of interviews and analysis, offering an inside look at doing business in the world’s most dynamic economies. TBY’s interviewees, readers, and partners comprise an international network of thought-leaders who are helping to define the future of the global economy.

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The Africa Gas Association

As the Africa’s natural gas industry leading trade organization, TAGA:

*Engages in legislative and regulatory advocacy that is based on field research, technical, legal and economic analysis.

*Provides an industry forum for collective action on issues impacting its members.

*Promotes and creates awareness about the African Gas Industry through seminars, conferences and works collaboratively with other energy organizations and local communities to promote corporate social responsibility.

*Creates opportunities for technical cooperation and other activities to improve the competitiveness of the African Gas industry.

THE AFRICA GAS Association welcomes international majors, exploration & production (E&P) companies, distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers, national oil companies(NOCs) from outside the region, local and corresponding banks, media, non-profit organizations, and other service providers ​to our association.

Finally, we sponsor and participate in a number of forums, partnerships and coalitions to foster dialogue on energy policy and achieve a better understanding of natural gas in Africa

Our Mission:

TAGA’s mission is to influence and support policies which promote a strong, viable and sustainable natural gas industry in Africa and beyond in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Our Vision

The Africa Gas Association is the leading voice of the natural gas and energy industry in Africa. It seeks to become one of the most influential and respectful organizations in the global natural gas and energy industry.

ESI 2015

ESI Africa

ESI Africa is the global leader in disseminating African utility and power market news to more than 50 countries and growing.

We provide over 50,000 professionals with renowned high quality and insightful editorial, equipping them with essential information to drive their own businesses.

By choosing ESI Africa as your medium for lead generation or market consolidation, you have the best route to market through our prized data. No one can equal the data that we have gathered over years of hard work and we provide six unique routes for you to access that data.

For advertising queries please contact Tarryn Bester on +27 21 700 3591.

Visit us at

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Energy Window International

The World rolls on Energy. And the degree at which energy development activities revolve to engender growth is determined by how much human, material and technological considerations, plus all other fundamental infusions that define the industry are fully exploited. And in all of these, information gathering and dissemination has critical role to play

Energy Window International JournalEWI, a bi-monthly publication, and Energy Window Television, EWTV are two informative channels powered under the umbrella of International Energy Window & Allied Co. Limited, IEWAC, incorporated in 2008

Energy Window International Journal, EWI is a publication on oil and gas and all energy related activities either as reports, analysis, views and or commentaries.

It exposes business opportunities to be exploited by new players/investors, as well as established/existing firms via seminars, workshops, or conferences.

It therefore builds a platform where industry stakeholders gather to brainstorm on crucial issues for energy development expansion, economic advancement and sociopolitical growth.

It helps industry players expand the frontiers of their businesses through advertisements, among others.

Energy Window TelevisionEWTV, as an integral part of the entire outfit, is a specialized news magazine for all sectors – politics and society, agro-culture and industry, tourism, Law and Arbitration, banking, and most predominantly energy and related activities;

EWTV projects and promotes businesses at all levels across sectors via articulated documentaries, committed and dedicated website advertorials;

It carries out special news, events and video coverage usually handled by a team of professionals with the competence and poise to deliver every job according to specification and on schedule.

Visit us on


Plant Automation Technology

In the realm of Automation, where innovation is rapid, plant automation technology stands adept at conceptualizing unique ideas relevant to the B2B space.

PlantAutomation-Technology is essentially a B2B online business and technology media platform that has under its wraps the largest global database of automation buyers and suppliers. covers in-depth trends that shape industry dynamics and metamorphose global economics.

With services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, product video showcase, e-mail marketing, e-newsletter sponsorship, banner advertising, event marketing and micro-website within our platform, has created a recognition that spans over a global audience, thereby revolutionizing how businesses transact.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.56.43

African Petrochemicals

African Petrochemicals is the leading trade magazine for the petrochemical industry in South Africa and surrounding African countries, and is published six times a year. With a prime focus on reporting the latest news and communicating new developments and applications in petrochemicals, African Petrochemicals runs targeted features and focus sections showcasing and highlighting the different aspects of this diverse industry.

Online, our website is regularly updated with the latest news and developments in petrochemicals. We also publish an e-newsletter which is distributed on a bi-monthly basis. The e-newsletters provide additional industry news, links to online articles on our website, events and announcements.

logo2 - copie

Africa Business Insider

Africa Business Insider is a new media created to keep you informed about the best business opportunities in Africa. The website provides information in English and French about registration dates and procedures to attend key business Forums dedicated to Africa on and off the continent. Sign up for the newsletter to be updated weekly and get a chance to expand your business.

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Africa Energy Intelligence

Africa Energy Intelligence offers exclusive news on major players in the oil, gas and electricity sector. Our journalists investigate since 1983 the main partnerships, political and economic strategies of state companies and governments, and financial operations. To know more about us, please visit Africa Energy Intelligence ( or contact us tel. +33 1 44 88 26 10 /

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Africa Capital Digest

Africa Capital Digest is the leading source of original and curated digital content, comment and opinion for global private capital investors and their advisors who are sourcing, evaluating and executing private equity, infrastructure and venture capital transactions in Africa.

Whether you are looking for ideas for new deals, leads for people or companies to be potential partners, expert market perspective from leading investors and market practitioners or just need to keep abreast of the most important private capital trends and developments on the continent, Africa Capital Digest provides you with the most focused, in-depth information to help you monitor and assess the private capital investment opportunities Africa offers.

Attend our webcasts and events, listen to our podcast discussions with the continent’s leading investment professionals and read the weekly digest to keep up-to-date on the deal and fundraising activity on the continent.

Visit of email Allan Cunningham at acunningham@africacapitaldigest to find out more.



African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE)

Launched in 2011, ANSOLE (African Network for Solar Energy) is a fast growing network, now represented in 43 African countries and 29 non-African countries. It focuses on capacity building in renewable energies (RE) and is a facilitator of RE activities within Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world. Its three main goals are:

  1. Foster technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in renewable energies (RE) at various skill levels (capacity building)
  2. Foster research activities in RE among African scientists and non-African scientists who are directly involved in the training and education of African students and experts (capacity building)
  3. Promote and encourage the use of RE in Africa through public awareness raising (public education and business mediation)

ANSOLE recently initiated a platform called BALEWARE (Bridging Africa, Latin America and Europe on Water and Renewable Energies Applications) which shall be launched in Arusha Tanzania from the 11th tot he 13th of December 2016. Please go to for further details.

There is alot to benefit by sponsoring ANSOLE´s capacity building activities. For more information contact or visit

African Business Central 

African Business Central (“ABC”) is a leading online media company showcasing curated and original news on African Business, primarily, and all things Africa, in general.

ABC’s rapidly-growing site attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month that read and watch news, analyses, and opinions of business, economic, political, and cultural events in and about Africa. ABC is making its mark around the world telling Africa’s success stories and highlighting the continent’s swift socio-economic ascent to a rapidly-growing global audience.

ABC’s core values are based on the notion that business, in general, and entrepreneurship, in particular, is the surest path to Africa’s socio-economic progress.

Shale Gas International

Shale Gas International’s website and quarterly magazine is a source of independent news and analysis about the unconventional oil and gas industry. Based in London, UK – and with print distribution at key global oil & gas events – they offer an international perspective and global coverage of this fast-paced industry.

Africa Stop Over Media

Africa Stop Over Media is essentially a media sales business and provides an advertising sales operation for media owners. Doing that effectively requires that we build quality relationships with advertisers, with ad agencies and other collaborative service providers and with the industry sectors involved.

For advertisers and potential advertisers, we can handle your

  • ·  Media strategy
  • ·  Digital marketing and data
  • ·  Social channels
  • ·  Event, conference and exhibition sponsorships
  • ·  Online exposure

Africa Stop Over Media prides itself on providing an integrated service where we are able to advise on a multi-channel approach. Advertisers need a path to purchase decisions that capitalises on the combined, but unique strengths of digital, online, social and event opportunities. This ensures that marketing messages are consistent and leveraged to customers wherever they access their information.

Energy Decisions

Energy Decisions is a comprehensive leading corporate and government journal designed to reflect the developing nature of Africa’s power-generation environment.  It offers readers a structured coverage of all energy-related aspects of the continents development.  These include all forms of renewables, conventional power generation methods and nuclear.  A separate oil and gas section is dedicated to the importance of the hydrocarbons mix in Africa’s economic growth. The publication’s aim is to keep decision-makers and senior initiators in African industry, commerce and government, as well as directors of listed companies in sub-Saharan Africa up to-date of the latest developments and initiatives in all sectors of the African Energy, Oil and Gas industries.

Orient Energy Review

Orient Energy Review was first published in February 2012 and it has become Africa’s most widely read energy publication on Local Content Development across all the regions in Africa.

Focused on promoting the development of local content across Africa, we aim to provide you with the most up to date and down to earth report on development issues within the Energy sector of the emerging markets of Africa.

We also provide you with insight into the following growing sectors: Alternative Energy, Maritime, Exploration, Logistics, and Power sectors.

Orient Energy Review has emerged to be the platform and voice for the ever growing Local Content drive in oil producing countries globally, it is targeted at tracking the various trends and developments of Local Content in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, the Gulf of Guinea, the East of Africa, South Africa and the world.

We track trends across Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, the Gulf of Guinea region, East Africa, South Africa and globally to deliver balanced and accurate reporting.

Construction Review

Construction Review is a leading African monthly construction journal for the construction industry.

For over 20-years the magazine has enjoyed the readership of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, interior designers, developers, building specialists, contractors, landscape architects and contractors, real estate agents and investors, property managers, suppliers to the construction industry, government departments and ministries: local authorities, land surveyors, financial institutions, telecommunication companies etc. The print edition is distributed in over ten Africa countries with the digital version sent monthly to over 200000 readers in our database.

Aspire Africa

Aspire Africa is a digital platform committed to promoting African synergy!

Our publication profiles CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and innovative companies to discuss business strategy, trends, leadership and growth opportunities covering African achievement that our subscribers and readers will find highly engaging and valuable.

Each edition of Aspire Africa reaches investors, ‘c’ level executives, state and federal public servants and marketing teams across the continent.

Our editorial team is on top of major developments across the continent making Aspire Africa one of the most significant platforms showcasing African achievement.

Africa Global Funds (AGF) 

Africa Global Funds (AGF) is a monthly magazine for asset management professionals and institutional investors worldwide interested in the African continent.

The magazine is supported by a dedicated website, providing convenient online access to the magazine content, up-to-the-minute news updates, data and events information.

AGF was created as a relevant and engaging resource that can provide readers with an insight of what is going on in the African asset management space.

Drawing on an intense dialogue with a constantly expanding group of key decision-makers in the industry, we cover traditional and alternative asset classes of African asset management. From this dialogue we work hard to produce a compelling blend of hard news, incisive commentary, detailed sector and regional reports, exclusive interviews and proprietary data.

 Emerging Market Investor’s Association

The (EMIA) is the world’s first and only not-for-profit Emerging Market organization, dedicated to advancing the industry as a whole and representing the combined interests of investors and investment professionals across asset classes. is the leading Africa-related multi-media company serving Africa.  Through unique storytelling and creative news delivery, produces engaging content focused on Africa. reflects the pulse of the continent and serves as a platform for Africans to create and share content with the world.  Visitors to can experience interactive features, infographics, and multi-media functions including audio, video, blogs, podcasts and the popular Top 10.

By leveraging its innovative resources, is reaching Africa like no other company.

Development Finance 

Development Finance is the first global magazine for donors, development finance institutions, development agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organisations which highlights and analyses where capital is being mobilised most effectively for the global south, in particular in terms of financing development in the secondary cities of Latin America, Asia and Africa. 
With an expert advisory board comprising Cities Alliance, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the African Development Bank, the Stockholm International Water Institute, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, CAF (the Development Bank of Latin America) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the magazine outlines the challenges and opportunities facing national and local governments in attracting and deploying finance to relieve poverty and make societies more resilient.

Microgrid Knowledge

Microgrid Knowledge leads the way providing news on microgrids and distributed energy resources. Visit our site to read original content about markets, policies, trends and technologies in this fast-growing energy arena.

Our audience includes energy businesses, organizations and policymakers, along with customers who use microgrids and distributed energy — or are considering doing so.


The African continent faces many challenges today. Climate change, rapid urbanization, drought and security threats are creating untenable situations and obstacles for many communities across the continent. takes an in-depth look at the issues confronting many countries and the global solutions that are available to help ensure safety, security and sustainability. Our team of expert writers and researchers are continuously compiling a valuable, all you need to know online resource that looks at the challenges and solutions in the fields of water, agriculture, education, healthcare and security. InnoAfrica is your one-stop resource for all you need to know about Africa today.

Visit us:  Like us on Facebook:

Contact for more info

Oil, Gas and Energy Law

(OGEL, ISSN 1875-418X) is a comprehensive and innovative information service with a focus on oil-gas-energy law, regulation, treaties, judicial and arbitral cases, voluntary guidelines, tax and contracting, including the oil-gas-energy geopolitics. See for more details on published issues and details on how to contribute.


Cedigaz is an international association dedicated to natural gas information, created in 1961 by a group of international gas companies and the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP Energies Nouvelles). It is based near Paris. Cedigaz has more than 100 members in 40 countries. Cedigaz’ goals consist in gathering, compiling and analysing worldwide economical information on natural gas, LNG and unconventional gas in an exhaustive and critical way. The information that Cedigaz deals with touches on all activities and aspects of the gas industry (exploration, reserves, production and processing, transportation, trade, storage, distribution and consumption of natural gas). Cedigaz diffuses the information in its periodic bulletins, surveys and online databases.

Africa Energy

Africa Energy is a respected source of independent analysis on the continent’s energy industries, produced by Cross-border Information (CbI), a globally recognised business intelligence company with a long established research focus on the politics, energy and financial sector trends of Africa and the Middle East.

African Energy’s work is based on the foundation of experienced staff analysts – African Energy has been produced by the same lead team since its launch in 1998 – and a network of correspondents and sources across more than 40 African countries.

African Energy’s consultancy unit has conducted research for a wide variety of private and public sector clients including the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP), and the African Development Bank-based Infrastructure Consortium for Africa.

Tel: +44(0)1424 721667. Web:

Solar Business Hub

Solar Business Hub is a media company serving the solar industry business community. Our website delivers the latest news, daily press releases, upcoming events, company profiles, relevant industry and market reports, job postings and a weekly newsletter.

Power Info Today

Power Info Today is a leading B2B arena designed for the Power Generation Sector, representing the most advanced industry information it allow our readers & members to stay updated with the information which matters them the most.

Power Info Today features the latest developments in various forms of content such as press releases, articles, interviews, etc. to join multiple spectrums within the sector with an objective to enhance the quality of information so as to benefit the readers.

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